Sunday, October 2, 2011

Dining Furniture and Movies and More

I've been hard at work (or play) accomplishming a few more things on my goals list.  Here's a few more things I've done.

44.  Buy new (or paint old?) dining furniture. 

I bought new.  And I love it.  Here is a pic of the buffet area now:

I love it!  It has a wine rack in the middle, and so far I only have three bottles in it.  You can see a smidge of the table there too.  But here's a better pic of the table, looking back toward the kitchen:
I think it looks so great with the tile backsplash we did last year.  And the whole thing ties together now and looks intentional.  Not like old crappy furniture that doesn't go stuck in.  I'm actually not minding my blue countertops so much now. 

Anyway, the furniture came from Nebraska Furniture Mart.  The table actually has a leaf in it, so it would close up to be smaller if we wanted.  But I'm kind of liking the look of the bigger table.  It's tall, like bar height, and has the taller stools instead of regular chairs.

I really didn't like the buffet that "went with" the table.  The sales guy was sort of all up in my business about not just buying the matching one, but seriously, it was ugly.  Besides, I'm not really a "matchy matchy" kind of gal.  I think what we picked out looks great.  I finally explained that I really like a more "eclectic" style, and he calmed down.

It wasn't technically on my list, but after staining the bed, the wood curtain rods in the bedroom were really bothering me.  So yesterday R helped me take them down, and I stained them to match:
Much better!  Just don't look too closely at them.  It's amazingly dificult to paint/stain a curtain rod well.  I mean it's round.  And it gets all drippy and crap.  And you have to like set it down somewhere at some point, which then messes it up.  Thankfully they're up high, and I'm very short, so I'm not looking too closely.

50.  See at least three movies in the theater.

I know for some of you, that seems like an ungodly LOW number.  But really, we just don't actually GO to movies much.  It's expensive.  Sometimes it's crowded.  I have to be on somebody else's time schedule.  I'd rather be home on my couch in my jammies watching a DVD most of the time.  But sometimes there is something to say for truly having the theater experience.  The big screen, the sound, the popcorn, hearing everyone else's reactions.

So, we've done 2/3 of this.  We saw The Help a few weeks ago.  I loved the book, and I was super excited to see the movie.  It totally lived up to the book.  Most movies don't, in my opinion, but this one completely did.  Go see it!

Last night we saw 50/50.  There was hardly anyone in the theater.  Which I think is sad, because it was a great movie.  I probably wouldn't have been as determined to see it, but I saw the people on Ellen, and learned that it's based on a true story, and despite being a "cancer movie" it's actually very funny and uplifting.  R enjoyed it a lot too.  So again, I say, go see it!

So, the year is 3 months from ending.  And I've done 23 out of my 52 goals so far.  I honestly don't think I'm going to finish everything (shocker).  But I'm proud of all I have accomplished, and I know that I wouldn't have done nearly as much if I hadn't set out to do it all and made a conscious choice to participate in this project.

How are all of you doing so far?


Cole said...

Your dining area and kitchen look FABULOUS!! I'm not a big fan of matchy-matchy either.

I want to see 50/50, so I'm glad you gave it a good review. :-)

Karen Peterson said...

I LOVE the new dining furniture. It looks great!

I really want to see 50/50 too. Maybe next week.

Kim said...

I'm so impressed with all your projects!

I'm struggling lately.

Jennee said...

Wow, that looks great!!!! I'm a little jealous and now I wanna redecorate.

I really want to see 50/50 and I'm glad to hear your review. I might just find myself at the matinee.

Lazy Boy Furniture said...

Adding a buffet area to your dining room set seems to add a sense of community when you invite guests over. Good read.

Anonymous said...

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marble top dining table said...

love all your projects:)

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